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Jornada de Proyectos I+D: Programas de Cooperación Internacional CDTI

WORKSHOP: Biomass for sustainable biofuels and bio-based products: from lab to pilot plant

The ButaNexT is pleased to invite you to its workshop “Biomass for sustainable biofuels and biobased products: from lab to pilot plant”, organised by CENER on 17th October 2017 in Pamplona (Spain)

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The National Renewable Energy Center (CENER) will host a one-day ButaNexT’s Knowledge Sharing Workshop on 17th October 2017 in Pamplona (Spain).

The workshop will share the lessons learnt from the ongoing EU-funded ButaNexT project to scale up the process to obtain sustainable butanol from lignocellulosic feedstocks. Experts from other projects will also present their findings to improve the production of biobased products.

If you are a representative from the industry, research centres, academia or institutions working in the bioeconomy sector, this workshop is for you.

The following topics will be covered at the workshop:

  • Identifying the main challenges and bottlenecks during the scale-up of bioprocesses from lab to pilot plant,
  • Presenting some successful projects that involve the scale-up of the production of biobased products,
  • Showing the latest outcomes of H2020 ButaNexT project on the improvement of biobutanol’s production,
  • Visiting CENER’s Bioprocess Pilot plant in Aoiz (Navarra)


Have a look at the agenda here


Ines del Campo, CENER:

María Diaz Muruaga, CENER:

El pasado 24 de mayo se celebró en CENER una Jornada sobre Proyectos de I+D en el marco de los Programas de Cooperación Internacional CDTI, a cargo de los representantes de la Dirección de Promoción y Cooperación; y de la Dirección de Programas Internacionales de CDTI.

Se presentaron las oportunidades de financiación existentes fuera de la UE, a través de proyectos internacionales de I+D+i, tanto a nivel multilateral (Eureka, Iberoeka y Eurostars), como bilateral y unilateral.
Ver las presentaciones:

  1. Entorno Eureka: proyectos Eureka, Eurostars y Clusters
  2. Introducción a la cooperación internacional en CDTI, Programas fuera de la UE: Entorno Iberoeka, Bilaterales y Unilaterales. Emilio Iglesias
  3. Financiación de los proyectos de I+D en Cooperación Internacional