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Presentaciones técnicas 2013

  • Borbón Guillén, Fernando, Javier Sanz Rodrigo, Daniel Cabezón Martínez et al. “ Assessing Correction Methodologies for LIDAR Measurements at Complex Terrain Conditions: Alaiz Test Site Case”. In: EWEA Annual Conference & Exhibition , Vienna, February 4-7, 2013.
  • Correia P, Lozano S, Chavez R, Loureiro Y, Cantero E, Benito P, Sanz RodrigoJ. “Wind Characterization at the Alaiz – Las Balsas Experimental Wind Farm using high-resolution simulations with mesoscale models. Development of a “low cost” methodology that address promoters needs”. EWEA-13 proceedings .
  • David C. Miller, Jaione Bengoechea, Jayesh G. Bokria, et al., «Examination of an optical transmittance test for photovoltaic encapsulation materials», Proceedings of SPIE Vol . 8825, 882509 (2013) .
  • Ezquer M., Moracho J., Cuadra J.M., Cueli A.B., Díaz J, Lagunas, A.R., “Characterization Defects Detected on c-Si PV Modules After Certain Period of Field Exposure” 28th European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference and Exhibition pp 3269 – 3274
  • Sanz Rodrigo J , Frias L, Stoffels N, von Bremen L. “Wind power predictability assessment from large to local scale. EWEA-13 proceedings” , Vienna, February 2013.